Questions SeaWorld does not want you to ask yourself:

Is your freedom important to you?
SeaWorld robs the intelligent, sentient animals enslaved in their facilities of everything that is natural to them, like living in family pods and the ability to swim up to 100 miles a day. These unfortunate beings live in the equivalent of a watery jail cell, unleashed only to perform the menial tricks on which SeaWorld’s bottom line depends.

How about your life span?
In captivity, orcas live approximately half their average life span. Their annual rate of death increases 2.5 times inside SeaWorld’s glass cages. From septicemia to fungal infections to pneumonia to cerebral hemorrhage to heart failure, SeaWorld’s orcas have demonstrated a clear failure to thrive in the “entertainment industry”.
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What about human lives?
To date FOUR human deaths have occurred as a result of interactions with SeaWorld’s orca population as well as over 100 other documented violent interactions between humans and orcas. In the wild, not a single incidence has ever been documented of an orca killing a human being.
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How about the health of the animals or your own safety?
In March 2013, SeaWorld was cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for several violations of the Animal Welfare Act including the use of expired surgical materials, some almost a decade old, and a performance tank in disrepair, including containing cracked and crumbling concrete and rusty beams that could pose a threat to the health and safety of both the animals and workers.

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Please, BOYCOTT SEAWORLD and take action at the links below. Raise awareness amongst family, friends, and community members about the plight of orcas and other wild animals enslaved in the brutal confines of the for-profit animal “entertainment” business. Our collective voice is all they have.